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Continuing education at Aalborg University

As an employee in a company or an institution, you can participate in continuing education at Aalborg University (AAU). Courses are offered within a wide range of disciplines.

Benefits of continuing education at AAU

All types of businesses constantly face new requirements regarding innovation, product development and competitiveness. As an employee in a company or an institution, you can prepare to meet these requirements by participating in continuing education at Aalborg University. Continuing education at AAU gives you the opportunity to

  • develop new skills within your area of expertise
  • stay current with the latest knowledge and research
  • become part of networks where you can meet researchers and colleagues

Flexible continuing education

AAU's continuing education programmes and courses are flexible, so you are likely to find a solution that fits your needs - and your company's or institution's. The programmes and courses are organised on a part-time basis in a combination of seminars and distance learning. This means that you can follow courses while you work.

However, please note that most of the programmes that Aalborg University offers are conducted in Danish, which means that you have to be fluent in Danish to participate. However, we do offer a few programmes and courses which are conducted in English and thus are open to participants who do not understand Danish.


If you have any questions about Aalborg University¡¯s continuing education programmes, you are welcome to contact:

The office for Continuing Education
Tel.: +45 9940 9420
Email: evu@aau.dk?